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Posted February 9, 2016 by Jenny Cutright

It may not be fire prevention week, but we want to help keep you safe and work to prevent fires all the time.

Did you know…..
-10,688 Reported fires in Colorado in 2011
-21 Reported Civilian Deaths
-188 Reported Civilian Injuries
-$132 Million in Property Damage
Source: Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control

In the Home
-Home is where we feel the safest, however residential properties are where most fires and fire deaths occur.

-Three quarters of all structure fires occur in residential properties.

-Over 90% of structural fire deaths occur in residential properties.

Fire Causes
The top fire causes include:

  • Cooking (25%)
  • Heating (9%)
  • Smoking (4%)
  • Electrical (5%)
  • Open Flame (5%)
  • Incendiary/Arson (7%)

Smoking is the leading cause of fire fatalities

In the Home


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