Community News

  • Halloween Safety Tips

    Posted October 18, 2021 by Taylor Rogers

    It’s that time of year again – Halloween! While you’re in the midst of decorating your home, buying bulk candy to hand out, and getting those costumes together don’t forget to keep your safety (and the safety of your loved ones) in mind this spooky season. We’ve compiled a list…

  • Seasonal Driving + Wildlife Safety

    Posted September 16, 2021 by Jenny Cutright

    Fall is quickly approaching this year as we are waking up to cooler temperatures and noticing the leaves changing colors on the trees around us. Just as we are preparing for the change of seasons, so are the animals that live around us. Much of the wildlife in our region…

  • Back-to-School Safety

    Posted August 11, 2021 by Jenny Cutright

    With the end of summer drawing near and classes starting back up at our local schools, we thought it would be a great time to talk about back-to-school safety measures. It’s a great time of year to remember to take a minute, slow down through town, and pay attention to…

  • Heat Related Emergencies

    Posted July 15, 2021 by Jenny Cutright

    When you are exposed to hot weather and sun for long periods of time, your risk for heat related illnesses increase. People often get into trouble when they don’t take the necessary precautions, prepare for their adventures, and don’t listen to the warning signs their bodies are trying to tell…

  • Wildfire Evacuation Preparation

    Posted June 23, 2021 by Nancy Hernandez

    Last month we wrote about the ways you can practice vigilance to help prevent wildfires. As wildfire season progresses, and the chance of evacuations increases, we’d like to talk about how to be prepared for the event of a wildfire. Remember, a wildfire can start anytime or anywhere. One of…

  • 5 Tips for Wildfire Safety & Prevention

    Posted May 19, 2021 by Nancy Hernandez

    Summertime brings out some of the best in Colorado. With beautiful vistas and adventure filled days, it’s no surprise travelers love to flock to our state for their summer vacations. However, the dry climate that makes our area so popular also raises the risk of wildfires. 

  • Breaking Ground for a New Training Facility

    Posted April 12, 2021 by Taylor Rogers

    For the past 15 years, there has been a shared dream to build and operate a multi-functional training facility on the Carbondale Fire Department property. Due to the hard work of Fire Chief Rob Goodwin and Deputy Chief/Training Coordinator Frank Nadell, this dream will become a reality this fall.…

  • Carbondale Fire District's New Fire Apparatus

    Posted March 18, 2021 by Taylor Rogers

    CRFPD is proud to announce that we have taken delivery of new fire apparatus.

    In 2018, the voters of the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District approved a bond issue that has enabled CRFPD to move forward with several much-needed capital upgrades and replacement projects.

    One of the main projects…

  • 2020 Year-End Report

    Posted March 16, 2021 by Jenny Cutright

    For the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District, 2020 proved to be very challenging and rewarding at the same time. Like everyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted almost everything that we do. In addition, we responded to more emergency calls than ever before while dealing with another unprecedented wildfire season.…

  • Heart Month: Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

    Posted February 25, 2021 by Jenny Cutright

    Did you know that heart disease doesn’t just affect older adults? It can happen at any age and half of all Americans have at least one of the top three factors for heart disease (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking habits). As this is the month of love and…