Carbondale & Rural Fire
    Protection District



Non-Emergency Phone:
(970) 963-2491
  • 911

Open Burning


The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District requests that you contact us at our Business Office prior to burning. Call us at (970) 963-2491. 

The following are guidelines for burning that we request that you follow:

1.    A responsible person must be in attendance at all times.

2.    Fire must be completely extinguished before leaving it unattended.

3.    Insure that there is adequate distance from structures, trees, fences, power lines etc.

4.    Have an adequate means to control and extinguish the fire.

5.    Check the weather forecast prior to burning and be alert for changing weather conditions.

6.    Watch the Wind: Be prepared to extinguish all open burning. It is unsafe to burn during high winds. Use common sense and don’t wait for the fire department to contact you that is has become unsafe to burn. Sudden wind change is the how most open burning gets out of control.

7.   Don’t Delay a Call for Help: If for some reason, the fire should get out of control, call the fire department immediately. Use the utmost caution to prevent injury to yourself or family members or any damage by fire to your home.

8.    Be aware of weather conditions that will contribute to poor air quality for you and your neighbors.

9.    Call 911 immediately if you are unable to control the fire.

10.  Fully extinguish the fire.