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Think You See Us A Lot?

By admin Published November 18, 2015

Fire station with emergency vehicles and trucks parked outside, surrounded by trees and mountains.


Do you think you see us responding to emergency calls a lot? If you do, you’re right!

2015 is on track to be the second busiest response year we have ever had.  As of November 17, we have responded to 1,045 calls for services. At this rate, we will finish 2015 with about 1,188 calls for service. The busiest response year we have ever had is 1,201 calls for service in 2008.

During the night of November 16 and the early morning of November 17, our crews responded to 7 calls for service in a period of 10.5 hours! Add to that when a patient is transported to Valley View Hospital, the average time for the call – from time of page until the ambulance is back at the station –  is 1 1/12 hours.

No wonder you think you see us out responding a lot – We are!