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Wildfire Patrol Programs to Begin in Basalt & Carbondale Fire Districts

By admin Published June 9, 2015


Carbondale, CO – In June, the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District & the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District will start their annual wildfire patrol programs. Both agencies have large areas that are at risk for a wildland-urban interface incident, including areas that are contiguous to our Districts. The goal of our agencies is to be prepared and staffed appropriately if a wildfire was to start. However, the two fire districts have much more to offer to homeowners that reside in wildfire risk areas.

One goal of the Districts’ wildland patrol program is public education and fire mitigation. Wildfire crews will be available to make site visits and perform wildfire risk assessments. These assessments evaluate many features of the home, landscaping, and topography to give homeowners a sense of how vulnerable their home is to wildfire. Crews won’t be able to perform mitigation but their expertise in the wildland-urban interface will be of great value to the homeowner.

Basalt and Carbondale Fire Districts will be re-introducing the ‘Ready, Set, Go’ program this summer. This is a national outreach campaign aimed at helping homeowners prepare their homes against the threat of wildfires and to be prepared if an evacuation occurs in their neighborhood. For more on ‘Ready, Set, Go’ please go to .

Citizens that live within either district can contact their fire department to schedule a residential wildfire risk assessment. Residents in the Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District can call (970) 963-2491 or get more information at For those that live within the Basalt & Rural Fire Protection District call (970) 704-0675 or get more information at